We are constantly innovating our service offering, drawing on our internal skill sets, experience and outside market developments. Our clients and advisory partners view our additional services as coming with the same best-in-class ACF value proposition they associate with our research, distribution and engagement products and services.

Preparation for M&A, fundraising, listing, commercial due diligence.

ACF’s experienced team provides independent guidance in respect of advisor selection and verification.

ACF has a great deal of expertise in project management that can be leveraged to solve many project challenges surrounding both capital access and operational metrics.

VerticalsAnalysisTM is a C-Suite/Country Manager/Boardroom briefing service to help senior managers make decisions about resource allocation quarterly and annually or for specific projects. It includes concise macro and micro analysis of technology trends, policy impacts and equity market trends and cycles pinpointed to a client’s industry and interests.

ACF supports Boards and NEDs with bespoke analytical and strategic services.

Our team delivers strategic insights and practical execution in response to unsolicited suitors and other related parties.

Consulting work – new market idea development and analysis and reports; selection of listing partners, valuations, pre-IPO verification and corporate governance, financial and econometric modelling and related items.

ACF’s analysts carry out commercial due diligence on potential acquisitions, investments, investors and for exchanges.

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