Equity Research


ACF Equity Research is aiming to be a leading global provider of equity research services for listed companies and private corporations. We have no limit on company scale and our seasoned analysts have experience in valuing private start-ups through to large caps.

Independent Research Services

Equity Research builds credibility though consistent information flow throughout the year to and in the eyes of investors and stake holders; frees up management time to run the company and brings expert off-balance sheet feedback to management teams, NEDs and other board members.

Pre-IPO and Post-IPO Research packages help C-suite executives prepare for the new challenges or running a public company. ACF can also guide you on how to get the best from the financial markets and the keys to communicating your story effectively.

ResearchHostTM allows clients to present our research on their corporate website in order to improve investor and stakeholder engagement.

Independent Valuation – ACF’s team has great effective experience in providing credible independent valuations.

Institutional Investors

ACF Equity Research offers you an independent annualised corporate research service publishing regularly and on your price moving news flow. The research product is designed primarily for institutional/professional investors (high net worth individuals can self-certify as professional investors).

Retail Investor/PCB Market

If your shareholder base is made up of a significant proportion of retail investors we have a separately branded highly tailored product for this important market segment.

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