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Best in Class Equity Research

Improving global capital markets for everyone is our team’s mission. Smaller and mid-size companies are the largest global generators of employment. They are the heart of the global economy. By transforming the effective use of global capital markets for small and mid-size companies everyone benefits. Jobs are created, which lifts people out of poverty and in turn provides education opportunities. We believe education and employment leads to equality, which improves and saves lives.

Transforming your capital markets effectiveness

We transform your effective use of capital markets. We offer a strategic approach to best in class equity research as part of our drive to transform your effective use of capital markets. We use detailed tactical execution to achieve results. Our starting points are best in class global equity research; excellent targeted global distribution to institutional and retail investors and improved liquidity. ACF Equity Research was founded to improve capital markets for all. We address the capital market needs of global listed micro-cap, small-cap (AiM), mid-cap and large-cap equity and private market segments.

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