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Our investment research products and services will transform your relationship with investors, helping them make better informed investment decisions, allowing you to grow your business and deliver your vision, faster.

Do you feel new

investors are missing

your investment

case because of

capital markets noise?




Do you associate

navigating capital


with frustration

and risk?




Does your investor

base feel

concentrated in a

small group and

have de-facto control

over your decisions?



Do you have

time and energy

to increase your

investor reach

as much as it takes

and still focus on

excuting your vision?


Do you suspect the

lack of third-party


verification and

validation is at

a very high cost

for you?



the feeling of greater

value added

to your

business model


See how investment


reduces for you

and your investors



Enjoy the


that comes


greater potential

access to capital

Enjoy greater time

saving and focus, to

grow your Company

and execute your

vision, faster


Experience more

investors clearly

understanding your

investment story

around the world


From experience the challenges of navigating capital markets can be overwhelming and involve reputational risk.

We also know plans can change quickly for smaller and mid-cap companies and that It is frustrating to be unheard or misunderstood.

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Let us guide you to maximize your probability of success and minimize your time getting there.

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How To Work With Us Easily

Schedule a meeting and tell us what you want to achieve

With us, identify the service package for your goals

We forecast a fair value and tell a clear story to new investors

Our Commitment To Clients

We’ll deliver our leading story telling skills

We’ll use our tried and tested process to save your time

We’ll deliver our expertise and independent counsel

At ACF Equity Research we know that as a leader you want to transform your relationship with markets and investors so you can transform your business.


To achieve this as part of your strategy, you need highly effective investment research and a process that improves investor reach and adds operational value to your company. The challenge is navigating capital markets, which can make you feel frustrated and is risky.

We think that capital markets should work for you so that you do not have to choose constantly between preserving capital and investing capital.

We understand from experience that the challenges of navigating capital markets can be frustrating and reputationally risky. We also know plans can change very quickly for smaller and mid-cap companies, which is why we have successfully guided companies to generating capital (hundreds of millions of US dollars of value over the last three years alone).


This is how you move forward: Schedule a meeting with ACF Equity Research to tell us what you want to achieve. Together we’ll identify the best value generating service package for your goals.

Then we’ll establish a fair value, verification, validation and a compelling story for your company. After which, we strategically and consistently communicate it to a growing audience of investors.

So, call our Sales & Strategy Team to diarize a video call or meeting.


Get in contact so you can put an end to the frustration and reputational risk of trying to navigate capital markets and improve your investor reach.

Then, you can  enjoy recognition for your effectiveness, and focus on growing your business and executing your company’s vision.

Preferred Research Provider to OTC Markets (US)

Preferred Research Provider to Aquis Exchange (UK)

Preferred Research Provider to GSX (EU)

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Improving global capital markets for everyone is our team’s mission.

Smaller and mid-size companies are the largest global generators of employment. They are the heart of the global economy. By transforming the effective use of global capital markets for small and mid-size companies everyone benefits. Jobs are created, which lifts people out of poverty and in turn provides education opportunities.

We believe education and employment leads to equality, which improves and saves lives.

We transform your effective use of capital markets. We offer a strategic approach to best in class equity research as part of our drive to transform your effective use of capital markets. We use detailed tactical execution to achieve results.

Our starting points are best in class global equity research; excellent targeted global distribution to institutional and retail investors and improved liquidity. ACF Equity Research was founded to improve capital markets for all.

We address the capital market needs of global listed micro-cap, small-cap (AiM), mid-cap and large-cap equity and private market segments.

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