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Helium One

ACF Podcast

Podcast – ACF interviews Helium One (HE1.L, OTC : HLOGF) CEO, David Minchin


Listen in as we discuss HE1, helium miner, with its CEO, David Minchin and ACF Equity Research <a href=”https://acfequityresearch.com/team”><u>Technical Analyst, Zak Mir</u></a>. We ask HE1.L (OTC : HLOGF) what helium is used for, how far out HE1 is funded, the economics of the business and what investors have to look forward to this year.

Helium is typically extracted alongside natural gas using a drill rig to penetrate the cap rock to reach the gas reserve. Crude helium is ‘fractioned’ from natural gas using cryogenic (cooling) separation. HE1’s Rukwa project in Tanzania is the largest known global primary helium resource, according to the company.